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 Nervous System

is how the Hypothalamus master gland receives messages from every cell in the body, to the spinal cord and up to the brain. This is how the Hypothalamus knows what is out of balance and can then initiate hormones to fix it.


We are exposed to TOXINS daily like never before, because of the increasing variety of Pathogens such as Virus and Bacteria  -  and man made synthetic chemicals. Our Immune Systems were not originally designed to cope with this many TOXINS, let alone the insidious TOXIC ones that are difficult to treat, and sometimes even fatal in nature. We are literally immersed in a sea of TOXINS, and need to be consciously aware of this, and try to take all precautions to avoid contact as much as possible.


There is no list  -  it is products, aerosols, food..................

People are just not aware that we are absorbing them daily  -  and storing many of them in FAT cells, Small Intestine, and worst of all  -  the BRAIN.

Once the master glands, especially the HYPOTHALAMUS, gets disturbed by TOXINS  -  then some hormones are not going to get produced  -  so our body gets out of balance.

Our health and youthful appearance is determined by having all cells in our body nourished at optimum level  -  which won't happen if hormones are out of balance.

A healthy lifestyle of diet, exercise and emotions  - can't restore a dysfunctional Hypothalamus  -  because that won't address the TOXINS in the brain.

How can anyone not be grateful that Nature is providing PYRAMID ENERGY to NEUTRALISE TOXINS  -  but we have been conditioned to thinking that man will provide the solutions to ALL our health issues.

I have already shown scientific proof that PYRAMID ENERGY is REAL and POWERFUL.

I have also done much research and testing to confirm this, and of course  -  people are now finding out for themselves, how much PYRAMID ENERGY is helping them. A classic example is being able to maintain normal body shape and weight  -  once Hypothalamus is rejuvenated and restored  -  so that automatic FAT control is restored by balanced hormone production.

One of the many interesting experiments that I detail in one of my videos  -  is when some labels, which were firmly stuck on some jars  -  fell off a minute after placing them inside my large copper tubing Pyramid. The PYRAMID ENERGY had neutralised some Toxic chemical in the adhesive glue on the labels, making it ineffective  -  so it shrivelled up and the labels fell off. This is a practical demonstration that PYRAMID ENERGY neutralises synthetic Toxins.  

It is beautiful that Nature has this resource to neutralise man made TOXINS. Another classic example of scientific proof, in one of my Videos  -  is when a Brain scan diagnostic is shown of a person whose Hypothalamus was not fully functional  -  because AFTER drinking a couple of glasses of Diet or No Sugar Cola  -  the brain Neuron firing in his Hypothalamus area reduced dramatically. The synthetic chemicals that they replaced the sugar with, was Toxic enough to cause this.  





DIET  -  what we eat daily.

Every one of the 37 trillion cells in our body needs many vital Nutrients  -  to stay healthy and maintain the function of the organ, tissue or system it is part of.

1)   What are REAL NUTRIENTS  -  do we get some nutrients from everything we eat? Nutrients are something our

body considers useful for cell health  -  if not, then it is regarded as garbage or TOXINS. Food items that are synthetic

chemical dense, such as hot fries or fizzy drinks  -  our body would regard as TOXIC  -  because any small amount of

nutrients that might be present, is totally overwhelmed by synthetic chemicals. Small amounts of healthy type fat and sugar

is actually beneficial  -  but not the type used in fries or soft drinks.

3)   Fresh Fruit and Vegetables are probably only food items likely to be free of synthetic chemicals. Fresh GREEN Vegetables, such as my famous Vege Mix of Cabbage, Celery and baby Spinach  -  are very dense in Real Nutrients. Experts are already predicting that one of the main factors for Decreased Longevity is going to be not enough fresh green vegetables in the diet.

4)    If you have wrinkled skin  -  eat some Vege Mix, and put on a Pyramid Bracelet, or use a Pyramid Laser for a few minutes  -  you will be astounded to see how quickly your skin tightens. Real Nutrients + Hypothalamus enhancement =  tight skin. Try it with food with no nutrients, and it will be less effective, as the body struggles to find enough nutrients to supply the largest organ  -  our skin.

5)    It is very easy nowadays  -  to continually purchase food because of convenience and appeal of smell and taste  -  that is low in Real Nutrients. That is not likely to change, because while we keep buying, they will keep supplying.

6)    People are gradually becoming more discerning about which food items they buy, in an effort to eat more nutritious food. Deciding what is nutritious can be very challenging though  -  not all chemical additives are ever listed on the label, because some may be included within general items, and even if they were stated  -  have they ever been tested  -  probably not. So then, how much of your chosen food item has real nutrients? A tin of baked beans may state 30% fibre and 50% vegetable  -  but what is the other 50%, obviously added synthetic chemicals. Good nutritious choice or not?  -  I first thought yes  -  but then decided no, because I didn't feel as good after a meal of baked beans as i did with more nutritious food. Also, it came up rather low on my brain scans.

7)    My rule of thumb, purely as a guide  -  is to guess how much of the food product you think has real fruit or vegetables, and use the taste, smell and how you feel afterwards to decide if you think it was heavily saturated with synthetic chemicals. You will get better at it over time, as your body gets more sensitive to synthetic chemicals.

8)    The other way to guarantee you are getting Real Nutrients  -  is to add fresh green vegetables to whatever meal you are having  -  at least once a day, when possible. Having a continuous high carb diet, lacking in green vegetables  -  guarantees health issues.

9)    Just little things help  -  e.g. having a fresh banana is much more nutritious than a banana or other supposedly healthy snack bar, which have been tested to only have about 5% of real nutrients  -  don't be fooled by the perceptions of the wrappers.

10)    During my more recent testing and research  -  I found that our body is incredibly adaptable and resilient  -  in being able to maintain health / hormone balance  -  e.g. smooth skin, even with ingesting few nutrients  -  IF the HYPOTHALAMUS function is stimulated with PYRAMID ENERGY  -  it can stay smooth and tight. So we can survive our exposure to TOXINS.

EXERCISE  -  how much do we need  -  is extra exercise going to increase our health and extend our longevity?

Medical Science tells us that we need a minimum of half an hour of continuous exercise daily  -  to stop our muscles from wasting. This can normally be covered by housework, gardening, shopping, or walking to work from car park or bus stop. Any additional exercise, such as 3 hour walks, jogging, or gym work  -  is beneficial and satisfying  -  but has no impact on looking younger or living longer. As a beautiful, 44 year old occasional coffee friend of mine recently said to me  -  that she does daily one hour walks now  -  to stay looking young, I told her that was great if it made her feel good. But, had to explain to her that it was not going to help her stay beautiful. I told her that wearing her Pyramid Bracelet every day was more likely to help. She had never read my websites or watched any videos  -  and  had forgotten what I had originally told her about the Hypothalamus being the determining factor.  

She is about to be my 1st test case for cellulite on the back of her thighs,

-  with my clinic version Pyramid Laser Rejuvenator.

WHAT IS THE CAUSE OF AGEING  -   and can we delay, prevent, or even reverse it?

Medical Science tells us that the Cause of AGEING is Disease  -  and most diseases start with Inflammation. Then of course, some TOXIN must have caused the Inflammation  -  or  -  a dysfunctional Hypothalamus didn't prevent the Inflammation from developing.

If our Hypothalamus is working properly  -  and we can prevent TOXINS disrupting it with PYRAMID ENERGY

 -  then we can actually prevent, delay and reverse the Ageing process.

                             I wear a Bracelet every day, sometimes around my ankle,

                             if I am handling cleaning fluids.

                             This is my safeguard in protecting the function of my

                              Hypothalamus Master Gland.



I wear my Pyramid Bracelet to:

*   prevent colds and flu's.

*   tighten my skin.

*   prevent arthritic pain.

*   maintain normal weight, after a

    vlcd weight loss, where i lost

    my pot belly.

*    protect my Hypothalamus function / hormone balance  -  to reverse my ageing process  -  and keep looking younger.



This is my longevity PLAN  -   hopefully, for my next 50 years.


I am eternally grateful that I no longer have to endure the discomforts of old age, like my mother did. What is the point of being alive and not able to enjoy it? Some people are luckier than others  -  if their Hypothalamus keeps functioning efficiently  -  and keeps all needed Hormones going  -  then they have an ongoing quality of life  -  and so can look younger and live longer.  All the Longevity experts know that  -  and have been trying for many years to stimulate Master Glands and Hormones  -  with various supplements and enhancers.

What we keep forgetting  -  is that man did not design our very complex body  -  so how can we possibly know how to fix the cpu / hypothalamus  -  it is not a windows 10 update solution. There is an intricate relationship of thousands of hormones and hundreds of thousands of chemicals communicating in our body. Just 1 or 2 adjustments in response to symptoms, couldn't possibly be addressing the cause.

Medical science is always looking to Nature for ideas  -  so perhaps the best solution is a slow release PYRAMID ENERGY pill  -  then everyone will be happy. We would keep our HYPOTHALAMUS functional, and the big boys will keep making ongoing profits.

The KEY FACTOR that determines us looking younger and living longer  -  is a functional HYPOTHALAMUS.


I saw my mother suffer with many age conditions. She had lived an incredibly healthy and fit life. Then she was gripped by some unknown TOXINS  -  that gradually made all her systems and organs very weak and dysfunctional. She battled on into her 80's, not very mobile, but still cooking meals with fresh vegetables from her garden  -  which she thought was going to guarantee a healthy longevity. She had such sadness, disbelief and disappointment in her eyes  -  she had impressed on me all my life that fresh vegetables and exercise was the secret to a quality longevity.

She even used to send me parcels of fresh fruit and vegetables from her lavish garden, even though I lived and worked on the other side of Australia. Then one day she fell and broke her arm and went to hospital. I got her phone call and decided it was time for me to drop everything and move over to help care for her, because all the rest of the family were interstate as well. She was progressing with healing of her broken arm, but her Immune System was weak and she succumbed to an infection in her lung from a hospital superbug  -  and sadly died.

The moral of her story is that  -  regardless of how healthy and fit you may be  -  sooner or later TOXINS will take control of health and longevity. Usually no one is aware that Inflammation has developed somewhere in the body, until chronic symptoms or disease appears  -  and that becomes the focus, not what TOXINS may have caused it.


At about age 60, I was already feeling and showing discomfort symptoms of AGEING, such as Rheumatoid Arthritis.

At age 72, I am now starting to feel, and visibly show  -  that I am already reversing my ageing process:

I don't ever catch colds or flu's,

I don't get muscle cramps,

I don't have wrinkled skin,

I don't get any age related pains, like I was starting to get in hands, feet and back,

I don't have any previous horrible Rheumatoid Arthritis pains and conditions. RA pain is something unbelievably off this planet  -  it is nothing like any other pain we may normally experience. RA is an Immune System dysfunction  -  which explains why it is such an insidious condition. If there is RA in the right knee  -  the cause has nothing to do with the knee, you will only find the effects there. The hormonal biology and chemistry of the dysfunctional Immune System that created the RA -  was determined by the HYPOTHALAMUS. When I restored my HYPOTHALAMUS with PYRAMID ENERGY  -  my Rheumatoid Arthritis immediately disappeared  -  and is now gone forever.

When I hear people say they feel they are getting old, I now feel like saying that I feel like I am getting younger!

The KEY FACTOR to remember  -  is not to think that you are going to stay healthy, or completely remove Ageing discomforts, such as pain and disease  -  by any man made means.


Once our body gets out of hormonal balance  -  only a functional HYPOTHALAMUS can restore it.


Nature's PYRAMID ENERGY restoring the HYPOTHALAMUS is truly a gift for staying young.

Here are the main factors I try to consider  -  in my quest for continued longevity and looking younger, not older, as I journey the next 50 year chapter of my life.


I re emphasise  -  that the usual man made suggestions of lifestyle, including food  -  ARE NOT what determines how young we look or how long we live.


We are ingesting and accummulating an abundance of TOXINS that our bodies can not process  -  and sooner, rather than later now, some of them are going to disturb the HYPOTHALAMUS  -  and start the Ageing process.

Look Younger

Live Longer


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While I am grateful that Medical Science can medicate or operate when chronic symptoms appear  -  such as my hernia operation  -  but that was before I knew about PYRAMID ENERGY  -  it did not help alleviate, let alone totally remove my Rheumatoid Arthritis.

I was unfortunate to develop Ageing symptoms early in life  -  so my Hypothalamus was clearly dysfunctional by then.


To have reversed my Ageing symptoms is only something that Nature's PYRAMID ENERGY could do  -  and it did that by restoring my HYPOTHALAMUS function.


I am also grateful that Medical Science gave me the knowledge about the HYPOTHALAMUS  -  so all I have really done is join the dots, so to speak  -  combine the resources of Science and Nature.

This should be the path of the future  -  not just keep finding things in isolation  -  but combining them.

e.g. Pyramid Energy also enhances pain medication.


The ROOT CAUSE  -  that we are not being made more aware of  -  let alone addressing  -  is that TOXINS are what we are increasingly exposed to daily  -  and is the health dilemma of this century.

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1)   Skin problems, such as Inflammation, burns, bites, or pimples.

2)   Any deep issue, such as tooth infection.

3)   Smoothing out out deep wrinkles or excess fat tissue  -  in localised areas such as the face.

4)   Quickly restoring Hypothalamus function  -  if there is loads of TOXINS still in the body, which the Bracelet can not immediately

      address when 1st wearing it. This may be due to obesity or chronic infection. This is why a daily vlcd weight loss, also gets rid of

      billions of TOXINS, as well as excess fat which stores TOXINS. Then the Bracelet will help maintain normal weight.