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 Nervous System

is how the Hypothalamus master gland receives messages from every cell in the body, to the spinal cord and up to the brain. This is how the Hypothalamus knows what is out of balance and can then initiate hormones to fix it.


We are exposed to TOXINS daily like never before, because of the increasing variety of Pathogens such as Virus and Bacteria  -  and man made synthetic chemicals. Our Immune Systems were not originally designed to cope with this many TOXINS, let alone the insidious TOXIC ones that are difficult to treat, and sometimes even fatal in nature. We are literally immersed in a sea of TOXINS, and need to be consciously aware of this, and try to take all precautions to avoid contact as much as possible.


There is no list  -  it is products, aerosols, food..................

People are just not aware that we are absorbing them daily  -  and storing many of them in FAT cells, Small Intestine, and worst of all  -  the BRAIN.

Once the master glands, especially the HYPOTHALAMUS, gets disturbed by TOXINS  -  then some hormones are not going to get produced  -  so our body gets out of balance.

Our health and youthful appearance is determined by having all cells in our body nourished at optimum level  -  which won't happen if hormones are out of balance.

A healthy lifestyle of diet, exercise and emotions  - can't restore a dysfunctional Hypothalamus  -  because that won't address the TOXINS in the brain.

How can anyone not be grateful that Nature is providing PYRAMID ENERGY to NEUTRALISE TOXINS  -  but we have been conditioned to thinking that man will provide the solutions to ALL our health issues.

I have already shown scientific proof that PYRAMID ENERGY is REAL and POWERFUL.

I have also done much research and testing to confirm this, and of course  -  people are now finding out for themselves, how much PYRAMID ENERGY is helping them. A classic example is being able to maintain normal body shape and weight  -  once Hypothalamus is rejuvenated and restored  -  so that automatic FAT control is restored by balanced hormone production.

One of the many interesting experiments that I detail in one of my videos  -  is when some labels, which were firmly stuck on some jars  -  fell off a minute after placing them inside my large copper tubing Pyramid. The PYRAMID ENERGY had neutralised some Toxic chemical in the adhesive glue on the labels, making it ineffective  -  so it shrivelled up and the labels fell off. This is a practical demonstration that PYRAMID ENERGY neutralises synthetic Toxins.  

It is beautiful that Nature has this resource to neutralise man made TOXINS. Another classic example of scientific proof, in one of my Videos  -  is when a Brain scan diagnostic is shown of a person whose Hypothalamus was not fully functional  -  because AFTER drinking a couple of glasses of Diet or No Sugar Cola  -  the brain Neuron firing in his Hypothalamus area reduced dramatically. The synthetic chemicals that they replaced the sugar with, was Toxic enough to cause this.  





Reversing the Ageing process to look younger  -  is now a Reality.

   Start looking younger immediately, and continue to look many years younger  -  by:


i)   Include Real Nutrients in our daily food intake.

Experts are already making predictions that in future generations, longevity will be

decreasing for one main reason  -  lack of fresh vegetables.

3 of the most nutrient dense are cabbage, celery and baby spinach. This is my famous

Vege Mix  -  because if you include some of this every day  -  you will immediately see

improvement in your skin quality.

myth:  eating nutritious food will guarantee improved health and longevity.

fact: eating nutritious food is part of looking young and increased longevity.

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2)  Remove excess body fat and weight.

Carrying excess body fat means your automatic fat control mechanism is no longer working  -  because all the required hormones are not happening  -  because the HYPOTHALAMUS Master Gland is Dysfunctional  -  because it has been disrupted by TOXINS.

                    I lost 18 kg / 40 lb in 3 weeks by mostly eating VEGE MIX that is high in nutrients and very low in calories.

                    Nutrition experts recommend very low calorie food as the quickest and most effective way to lose weight.


                    Excess body fat also means you have billions of stored TOXINS that your body could not break down.

                    These TOXINS could also be triggering a dysfunctional HYPOTHALAMUS.

                    Myth:  Too many calories and lack of exercise cause weight gain.

                    Fact:  TOXINS disrupting the HYPOTHALAMUS is the ROOT CAUSE of weight gain. This has been

                                already established by medical science when operating on brains of obese accident patients, and

                                fat mice fed on pro inflammatory food  -  they all had an inflamed HYPOTHALAMUS. Many

individual cases have now traced specific chemical additives in food to weight gain  -  nothing to do with calories. So removing excess body fat is also about reducing potential dysfunction of the HYPOTHALAMUS -  which determines looking young.

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3)  Daily Exercise.  

Minimum daily requirement recommended by doctors is  -  30 minutes of continuous exercise.

This is the minimum required to prevent muscle wasting and to maintain cardio vascular needs  -  to keep the heart healthy.

It can be household chores such as vacuuming, gardening or cleaning. Or walking to work or leisurely strolls.

Myth:  Additional exercise at the gym, extended long walks or jogs or running  -  will make you look younger and extend longevity.

Fact:  Additional exercise will not reverse the Ageing process  -  or prevent disease or protect the HYPOTHALAMUS function.

4)  Emotional balance and Stress.

Excessive stress raises the cortisol hormone level  -  which means your homeostasis or hormones are unbalanced. This automatically can create any number of health issues  -  and start the Ageing process, if the HYPOTHALAMUS is not functional to correct it.

The Limbic area of the Brain is the Emotional area  -  which is also where the Master Glands reside. Deep, intense negative, or with held emotions  -  even depression  -  can create a chemical change and hormone imbalance. Again, if the HYPOTHALAMUS is not functional to correct this  -  the Ageing process can start  -  and stop you from looking young.

Myth:  Excess stress or negative emotions do not affect how young you look.

Fact:   Excesses unbalance chemicals and hormones in Master Gland area.

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5)  Tight and smooth SKIN.

A new layer of skin grows just underneath the top layer, and replaces it every 2 weeks. The many needed nutrients are extracted from food by the Small Intestine. As long as the Small Intestine is working efficiently, enough nutrients to make the skin healthy are supplied via blood capillaries to this new layer of skin  before it comes to the surface. If the HYPOTHALAMUS is not fully functional, then all the needed hormones will not be produced for the Small Intestine to efficiently extract nutrients.

Myths:  Skin looks wrinkled because it is old or damaged by the sun, and skin cream will supply enough nutrients to nourish the top layer.

Facts:  The top layer of skin does not get old, it looks wrinkled because the new layer did not get enough nutrients. Skin cream can not possibly have enough needed nutrients, and does not penetrate to the growing layer anyway.


7)  " Chubby Face "

The face area may have  excess fat if overweight  -  or even after weight loss, or at any time, even if the body is a normal shape. The reason is that TOXINS have not broken down and have accumulated in the facial fat cells. If you look around, you will notice it is becoming more common, and often the face gains fat before the rest of the body. Even celebrities on tv are obvious, such as Tom Cruise who seems to have a normal body shape, but a round chubby face. TV chefs seem to quickly get chubby faces  -  showing that many of their ingredients are saturated with synthetic chemicals. The PYRAMID LASER REJUVENATOR quickly and deeply penetrates face fat  -  breaks down the TOXINS, so they can be quickly eliminated  -  and at the same time rejuvenates muscle tissue  -  with the rejuvenating property of PYRAMID ENERGY. I had been using it occasionally for a couple of years for skin isues, pain relief and infection, but recently realised it is perfect for a natural facelift.

Myth:  Facial fat is caused by too many calories.

Fact:  Facial fat is caused by an accumulation of TOXINS that the body can't break down  -  due to a dysfunctional HYPOTHALAMUS.

6)  Tight Skin  -  can happen from Day 1, when absorbing PYRAMID ENERGY from a Pyramid Bracelet. This is because the Toxicity in the HYPOTHALAMUS area is neutralised  -  so that it can then get hormones initiated to enhance the extraction of nutrients from food  -  to supply the skin, the largest organ that needs lots of nutrients. This is the best quick visible evidence of the effect of PYRAMID ENERGY.

Myth:  You can get tight skin from a healthy diet and rubbing on skin cream. 

Fact:  PYRAMID ENERGY restores supply of nutrients to the skin, to make it tight.


8)  Toxins

Are the root cause of Ageing. Once inflammation, infection and disease develops  -  medical science agrees that the Ageing process is irreversible  -  especially if the immune system is weak, or no treatment can fix the disease. Normally, the HYPOTHALAMUS would get hormones produced to keep the Immune System strong and prevent any disease developing. There are no tests to see when the HYPOTHALAMUS is dysfunctional, so no way of knowing when a disease has already started, until chronic symptoms appear. Worse still, there is usually no way of knowing which Toxin may be causing a disease, let alone how to treat it, especially if it is a synthetic chemical, and not a bacteria or virus.

Myth:  we are conditioned to believe that one day man will be able to prevent all disease, and so longevity will be enhanced with a quality of life.

Fact:  Not likely to happen any time soon, if ever. Even the companies that make tteatments  -  admit that their goal is to alleviate symptoms of disease, not cure them. As we are exposed to an ever increasing number of synthetic chemicals, our longevity is now being challenged.

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9)  Hypothalamus

is the Master Gland that is in control of preventing disease, reversing the Ageing process, and increasing longevity  -  so that we can look younger and have a quality of life. Once the HYPOTHALAMUS becomes dysfunctional by being disturbed by TOXINS  -  then this can no longer happen. Medical Science knows this, originally trying to restore the Pituitary Master Gland, without success  -  but now more attention is being given to the HYPOTHALAMUS.

Myth:  many specific causes, such as proteins, hormones and dna abnormalities are given as possible causes to disease and ageing  -  but they are really only symptoms.

Fact:  unless the focus is on the HYPOTHALAMUS  -  the real cause is not being addressed.

10)  Pyramid Energy

has ben known and documented for thousands of years, since the days of the Egyptian Pyramids  -  to have 2 properties  -  neutralise and prevent the development of Toxins into inflammation and infection  -  and have a rejuvenating property. Rejuvenation can be easily demonstrated on plants, making them grow lush. Also skin bites, lacerations, moles and inflammations can also be demonstrated. Tooth infection removal in a few minutes has also been achieved several times. Neutralising Toxins in HYPOTHALAMUS area is revolutionary  -  as quickly seen by tight skin, once nutrients are enhanced. What is new now  - is that PYRAMID ENERGY can be absorbed, not by sitting inside a Pyramid  -  but by absorbing it into the skin from a Pyramid Bracelet or Laser. It then travels around the body, including the HYPOTHALUMUS.

Myth:  that PYRAMID ENERGY is not real, let alone being able to restore the HYPOTHALAMUS. 

Fact:  Because it is new, and most people have not read any documentation about its properties  -  let alone ever heard of being able to be absorbed into the skin from a Pyramid Bracelet or Laser  -  raises a natural scepticism. Also we are conditioned to expecting only made solutions, and not relying on Nature. Scientific Proof from Brain scans, shows it is real  -  AND how powerful it is on immediately enhancing firing of brain Neurons in the HYPOTHALAMUS area. This is a world 1st demonstration  -  that is revolutionary and wonderful.  

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Reversing the Ageing process to Look Younger is now a Reality.