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Nature's Secret to Reverse Ageing.

 Nervous System

is how the Hypothalamus master gland receives messages from every cell in the body, to the spinal cord and up to the brain. This is how the Hypothalamus knows what is out of balance and can then initiate hormones to fix it.


We are exposed to TOXINS daily like never before, because of the increasing variety of Pathogens such as Virus and Bacteria  -  and man made synthetic chemicals. Our Immune Systems were not originally designed to cope with this many TOXINS, let alone the insidious TOXIC ones that are difficult to treat, and sometimes even fatal in nature. We are literally immersed in a sea of TOXINS, and need to be consciously aware of this, and try to take all precautions to avoid contact as much as possible.


There is no list  -  it is products, aerosols, food..................

People are just not aware that we are absorbing them daily  -  and storing many of them in FAT cells, Small Intestine, and worst of all  -  the BRAIN.

Once the master glands, especially the HYPOTHALAMUS, gets disturbed by TOXINS  -  then some hormones are not going to get produced  -  so our body gets out of balance.

Our health and youthful appearance is determined by having all cells in our body nourished at optimum level  -  which won't happen if hormones are out of balance.

A healthy lifestyle of diet, exercise and emotions  - can't restore a dysfunctional Hypothalamus  -  because that won't address the TOXINS in the brain.

How can anyone not be grateful that Nature is providing PYRAMID ENERGY to NEUTRALISE TOXINS  -  but we have been conditioned to thinking that man will provide the solutions to ALL our health issues.

I have already shown scientific proof that PYRAMID ENERGY is REAL and POWERFUL.

I have also done much research and testing to confirm this, and of course  -  people are now finding out for themselves, how much PYRAMID ENERGY is helping them. A classic example is being able to maintain normal body shape and weight  -  once Hypothalamus is rejuvenated and restored  -  so that automatic FAT control is restored by balanced hormone production.

One of the many interesting experiments that I detail in one of my videos  -  is when some labels, which were firmly stuck on some jars  -  fell off a minute after placing them inside my large copper tubing Pyramid. The PYRAMID ENERGY had neutralised some Toxic chemical in the adhesive glue on the labels, making it ineffective  -  so it shrivelled up and the labels fell off. This is a practical demonstration that PYRAMID ENERGY neutralises synthetic Toxins.  

It is beautiful that Nature has this resource to neutralise man made TOXINS. Another classic example of scientific proof, in one of my Videos  -  is when a Brain scan diagnostic is shown of a person whose Hypothalamus was not fully functional  -  because AFTER drinking a couple of glasses of Diet or No Sugar Cola  -  the brain Neuron firing in his Hypothalamus area reduced dramatically. The synthetic chemicals that they replaced the sugar with, was Toxic enough to cause this.  





exciting  Part 2 coming soon!

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While still in testing and consolidation stage  -  the stunning results of getting a "natural facelift " using just


PYRAMID LASER REJUVENATOR is already having people delighted.

*   NATURE'S SECRET to look younger, and stay looking younger forever  -  is addressing the ROOT CAUSE of the AGEING process.

*   TOXINS that we are all exposed to daily, like never before  -  are the ROOT CAUSE.

*   No human efforts of diet, exercise, lifestyle or therapies  -  can remove the TOXINS that start the AGEING process.

*   Nature's PYRAMID ENERGY Neutralises all TOXINS.

*   This has been documented for thousands of years, and even now, from Egyptian pyramids  -   mummified bodies of Pharoahs show no

    evidence of rotting flesh or decayed skeletons, and pots of whole grains of wheat and edible honey  -  is historical proof.

*   SCIENTIFIC PROOF today, from brain scans  -  while absorbing PYRAMID ENERGY  -  show when TOXINS are neutralised in the

    HYPOTHALAMUS Master Gland area  -  it immediately restores firing of Neurons to peak performance.

    Being in a balanced full spectrum, this sets up the condition for balanced HORMONE production

     -  which prevents and even reverses the AGEING process.

Tight skin  -  can be achieved from day 1, as PYRAMID ENERGY  from a Bracelet restores

HYPOTHALAMUS function, so that nutrients are more efficiently extracted from food.


Daily Weight loss -  with very low calorie Vege Mix.

Normal body shape and weight can then also be maintained,

as HYPOTHALAMUS function restores automatic fat control.


Other health benefits  -  such as never getting a cold or flu  -  are also achieved by absorbing PYRAMID ENERGY from a Bracelet.

All this thanks to pure Nature  -  helping to look younger, and stay that way.

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Neutralising TOXINS quickly and intensely, much more powerful than a Bracelet

-  is achieved with a PYRAMID LASER REJUVENATOR.

This is useful, as I have found  -  as a 1st aid tool, to quickly alleviate skin

conditions such as bites, inflammation and skin infections and ulcerations.

Being so intense and able to penetrate into deep tissue  -  it is also useful for

deep infections  -  as I have used, to quickly remove tooth infection.

It is also especially useful for any digestive discomforts. Simply moving it around, with the point of the quartz crystal Pyramid touching the skin, on the area of stomach discomfort  -  and the relief is wonderful, as excess TOXINS are immediately neutralised, and also the rejuvenating property of PYRAMID ENERGY enhances digestive function.

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                                                           can be absorbed from a Laser or Bracelet.


1)    Inside the Egyptian Pyramids  -  cylindrical copper LASERS have been found. No information of what they were used for has been indicated in Egyptian writings or illustrations. Their mere existence is fascinating, especially being called Lasers by the Egyptologists.


2)    My initial discovery  -  was in a science fiction book I had purchased just out of interest. There were many ' Star Trek ' type ideas and inventions that were really out of this world, as in could they really work? I was intrigued by the LASER one  - and although it wasn't suggested to use Pyramids  -  I tried it, because it gave details on how to build one. The concept was that whatever you put inside this sealed tube  -  the energy from that material would build up  -  and get projected out at the speed of light to infinite distance  -  through the crystal point at the other end. It acted as a miniature linear particle accelerator. Inside the LASER I just inserted quartz crystal Pyramids. That was about 3 years ago, and I just experimented with what I could use it for  - projecting intense PYRAMID ENERGY to any distance. It sure worked, as I kept finding more uses for it. The first useful application was for quick pain relief or any physical discomfort. In those days I was getting frequent muscle cramps when first waking up on cold winter mornings  -  I am grateful that I don't get them anymore at age 72, because I wear my Pyramid Bracelet and it must have strengthened my Immune System and Hormone balance. The next use was for any skin conditions  -  if I had been  out all day I would get home with inflamed toes from my shoes. Just a couple of minutes with moving the LASER over the inflamed area fixed that. Other skin irritations such as insect bites, pimples, bruises, and burns were also relieved in a few minutes. The one I was most grateful for, and showed that the PYRAMID ENERGY indeed penetrated deep into body tissue  -  was for tooth infection, which I got on 3 occasions. I had a broken tooth from eating nuts, and on each occasion I got the infection on a weekend, but couldn't go to the dental clinic next door because they were not open. The 2nd time it happened, the whole left side of my face blew up and I started to panic, so I quickly grabbed my LASER and hoped for the best, also realising that this was going to really test its efficacy. After only a few minutes the pain was gone, and less than 20 minutes  -  all swelling had completely disappeared. This was my real proof of how powerful this LASER was  -  and only using PYRAMID ENERGY. Star Trek fantasy come true!

I still haven't fixed my tooth, but also haven't had an infection for about a year  -  because my Pyramid Bracelet has prevented any infection developing.

It was only recently that I realised that even though I am maintaining a normal body shape, I still had a " chubby " face, that was improving, but too slow with my impatience  -  especially seeing how many other people have that issue.

So a natural facelift with a PYRAMID LASER REJUVENATOR was born. I have only recently started using it  -  and I could see and feel an improvement from day one of using it.

My hunch was correct  -  if the LASER could knock out all TOXINS to any depth, as it did for my tooth infection  -  then it must also be able to neutralise all TOXINS stored in FAT cells in the face  -  then the body doesn't need to store them because it can't break them down  -  and so can then easily remove the residual garbage. It works.


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Demonstrated and explained in VIDEO 2

This Revolutionary PYRAMID LASER REJUVENATOR is the ultimate, personal lifetime resource  -  to address TOXINS that are starting the Ageing process  -  in specific areas such as the face  -  and in the Hypothalamus that controls the Ageing process.

The intense PYRAMID ENERGY that builds up inside the sealed Laser tube, from the quartz crystal Pyramids inside it  -  acts like a linear particle accelerator, and shoots out at the point  -  penetrating deep into any tissue. It is Nature at its purest!