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 Nervous System

is how the Hypothalamus master gland receives messages from every cell in the body, to the spinal cord and up to the brain. This is how the Hypothalamus knows what is out of balance and can then initiate hormones to fix it.


We are exposed to TOXINS daily like never before, because of the increasing variety of Pathogens such as Virus and Bacteria  -  and man made synthetic chemicals. Our Immune Systems were not originally designed to cope with this many TOXINS, let alone the insidious TOXIC ones that are difficult to treat, and sometimes even fatal in nature. We are literally immersed in a sea of TOXINS, and need to be consciously aware of this, and try to take all precautions to avoid contact as much as possible.


There is no list  -  it is products, aerosols, food..................

People are just not aware that we are absorbing them daily  -  and storing many of them in FAT cells, Small Intestine, and worst of all  -  the BRAIN.

Once the master glands, especially the HYPOTHALAMUS, gets disturbed by TOXINS  -  then some hormones are not going to get produced  -  so our body gets out of balance.

Our health and youthful appearance is determined by having all cells in our body nourished at optimum level  -  which won't happen if hormones are out of balance.

A healthy lifestyle of diet, exercise and emotions  - can't restore a dysfunctional Hypothalamus  -  because that won't address the TOXINS in the brain.

How can anyone not be grateful that Nature is providing PYRAMID ENERGY to NEUTRALISE TOXINS  -  but we have been conditioned to thinking that man will provide the solutions to ALL our health issues.

I have already shown scientific proof that PYRAMID ENERGY is REAL and POWERFUL.

I have also done much research and testing to confirm this, and of course  -  people are now finding out for themselves, how much PYRAMID ENERGY is helping them. A classic example is being able to maintain normal body shape and weight  -  once Hypothalamus is rejuvenated and restored  -  so that automatic FAT control is restored by balanced hormone production.

One of the many interesting experiments that I detail in one of my videos  -  is when some labels, which were firmly stuck on some jars  -  fell off a minute after placing them inside my large copper tubing Pyramid. The PYRAMID ENERGY had neutralised some Toxic chemical in the adhesive glue on the labels, making it ineffective  -  so it shrivelled up and the labels fell off. This is a practical demonstration that PYRAMID ENERGY neutralises synthetic Toxins.  

It is beautiful that Nature has this resource to neutralise man made TOXINS. Another classic example of scientific proof, in one of my Videos  -  is when a Brain scan diagnostic is shown of a person whose Hypothalamus was not fully functional  -  because AFTER drinking a couple of glasses of Diet or No Sugar Cola  -  the brain Neuron firing in his Hypothalamus area reduced dramatically. The synthetic chemicals that they replaced the sugar with, was Toxic enough to cause this.  






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to restore body shape and weight and LOOK YOUNGER.


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 essential to LOOK YOUNGER




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Practical Tips for Daily Weight Loss

 -  to Look Younger again.

  • PLAN your 1st weight loss day  -  bowl of SUPERFOOD in fridge and decide what else you want to eat.

  • Choose a smaller size bowl or plate, to help with portion control  -  limit how much to eat.

  • If possible, weigh yourself before a meal, and then say 4 hours later. This will help you work out how many hours you

      have left, out of 24  -  to burn FAT, and determines how much weight you will lose.

  • Remember that everything you put in your mouth is calories, because it has to be digested. Except water, which

      goes straight to your Kidneys in 30 seconds.

  • No butter, margarine, oil, sauces or gravy  -  just sea salt and pepper.

  • Salad dressings and oil have 130 calories, white vinegar only 3 calories  -  to put on SUPERFOOD.

  • Each day will be different, weight loss will vary, and no need to stress  -  you will gradually know what and how

      much to eat  -  depending on lifestyle and how much you want to lose each day.

  • On some days you may binge eat  -  maybe from previous habits. Just consider it a break day, you will probably only

      lose one weight loss day.

  • A very effective strategy  -  taught by elite weight loss professionals  -  when you are tempted to eat a larger

      portion size, or craving for a treat such as sweets or cake  -  is to VISUALISE, in detail of how it looks and tastes  -

      that you ARE indulging  -  but not actually eating it  -  just imagining that you are.

  • You will be totally amazed, that a couple of minutes later  -  your craving will have gone.

  • This can be scientifically proved  -  that if you suck on a lemon  -  enzymes go to your saliva to start the digestive

      process. This also happens if you only visualise sucking on a lemon.

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Practical Tips for Weight Maintenance.

How you are going to STAY YOUNGER LOOKING.

  • You should be getting deleriously excited as you get close to your desired body shape and weight. motivated even

      more by the envious comments of people around you. You should also be learning more about food. the brain and

      body needs sugar -  so totally cutting out sweet items such as cake, chocolate and icecream isn't the solution to

      weight loss. You will have days when you can eat a whole block of chocolate, on top of your weight loss regime

       -  and still lose weight.

  • The bottom line is that it is the synthetic sweetner replacements in food and drinks that is disrupting Hormones and

      creating weight gain.

  • Brain scans before and after consuming Diet food and drinks  -  show a marked reduction of connectivity by Neurons

      in the Hypothalamus Master Gland area. This means that the synthetic sweetners are doing more harm than the

      original sugar content, if it was natural sugar, which it probably wasn't anyway. While there may not be any

      immediate weight gain from synthetic sweetners, they will have an unbalancing effect on Hormones eventually.

  • Any previous bad habits such as grabbing a can of fizzy drink or a few cakes  -  is just that  -  a bad habit. Easily

     done because readily available  -  making it tempting to indulge.

  • I can't believe that only 2 years ago, despite eating healthy fruit and vegetables  -  I was also indulging in large

       bottles of fizzy drink and several buns or muffins every day. I just wasn't aware of all the synthetic chemicals in

       these foods and drinks. no wonder I got a pot belly. i read one scientific report where they found 400 synthetic

       chemicals in a cola drink. WHY?  The manufacturers stated it wasn't a health drink, but not harmful. NOT TRUE.

  • Maybe your body is craving more food, hoping to get real nutrients  -  but all you are doing is eating ' filler ' food.

  • Snack bars, cakes, and ready made frozen meals, and hot take away pizzas, burgers and fries  -  are saturated with

      synthetic flavourings, additives and preservatives  -  that are not nutrients.


  • including SUPERFOOD  -  to get real nutrients.

  • absorbing PYRAMID ENERGY  -  to prevent accumulation of TOXINS in FAT cells, Small

     Intestine and Hypothalamus.

      Synthetic chemicals from food causes Obesity. Pyramid Pendant Neutralises them.

Using a Secret from Nature to LOOK YOUNGER.

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                 HOW Nature rejuvenates and restores our HORMONES with a Pendant.